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根据2008年高等教育机会法案的要求, Florida Gateway College (FGC) is providing this page as a single access point for students and the public to required HEOA disclosures and specified consumer information. This information is intended to enable prospective students to make informed decisions regarding postsecondary education at FGC.


Florida Gateway College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award baccalaureate and associate degrees. 联系南方学院和学校协会委员会,地址是南巷1866号, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097, or call 404-679-4500 有关欧博官网app下载认证的问题.

Public Records Requests


Cassie Buckles
Executive Director of Human Resources & Equity Officer

Building 001, Room 116
149 SE College Place
Lake City, FL   32025

根据佛罗里达州的法律,电子邮件地址是公共记录.  如果您不希望您的电子邮件地址在响应公共记录请求时被公布, 不要向该实体发送电子邮件.  相反,请通过电话或书面形式与我们联系.

General Institutional Information

NC-SARA and Professional Licensure

Florida Gateway College is a member of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (NC-SARA), which allows member colleges and universities to offer educational programs and courses to students who are located in a state under the agreement. NC-SARA是监督远程教育的自愿、区域性方法. 目前,除了加州以外的所有州都是NC-SARA的成员.

Our College offers a variety of programs that are designed to help students obtain professional licensure within the State of Florida. 执照标准和期望因州而异, FGC不保证在佛罗里达州以外的任何州接受认证. 如果你目前正在参加一个项目,导致专业执照, please contact your academic advisor, program director, 或致电386-754-4298或发电子邮件至 有关您所在州的执照要求的信息.

Privacy of Student Records




Florida Gateway College has awarded $69,120 to students who were in technology programs in the Spring of 2020 and had their semesters extended by one month. 共有216名学生获得了320元的资助.00 to help cover COVID related expenses.

2nd 为学生提供的《欧博体育官网》资金

Florida Gateway College has announced a 2nd 为2020年夏季学期的学生提供一轮护理法案资金. 合格的学生将获得15万美元的紧急资金. 你可以欧博官网app下载并填写紧急拨款申请 here.

Tuition and Cost of Attendance

Learn about our tuition rates and fees here.

Net Price Calculator

Net Price Calculator on the web.

Student Activities

Voter Registration Opportunities

1993年全国选民登记法(NVRA), a federal law, and the Florida Voter Registration Act require that university and community college offices serving persons with disabilities offer those persons the opportunity to register to vote or to update a voter registration record at the time the applicant applies for services or assistance, 申请续期该等服务或协助, and/or applies for a change of address. The Center will provide persons with disabilities a preference form and if persons indicate they want to apply to vote the Center will provide a voter registration application form. Applying or declining to register to vote does not in any way affect the amount of assistance persons will receive from the Center. For persons with disabilities who choose not contact the Center in-person the following links provide alternative opportunities to register to vote.

选民登记表格可于无障碍服务及学生活动办事处索龋, located in Bldg. 7.

Voter Registration Preference Form

You can also use this online form to indicate if you would like to apply to register to vote if you are not already registered or if you are registered to vote you can indicate if you would like to update your voter registration record:

· 英文选民登记机构优先选择表格及申请

· 西班牙选民登记机构偏好表格及申请

Florida Voter Registration Application

You can use this online form from the State of Florida to begin the process of: Registering to vote in the State of Florida; Letting the State of Florida know if your name or address has changed; Registering with a political party or changing parties; and Replacing your defaced, lost, 或被盗的登记身份证:

· English Voter Registration Application

· Spanish Voter Registration Application

· Online Florida Voter Registration System

Florida Voting Information

提供有关佛罗里达州投票的全面信息, 包括有关选民登记的信息, election dates, and the availability of absentee ballots.

National Mail Voter Registration Form

The online national voter registration form is available so that any student from any state can register to vote. 此表格必须寄回您的家乡州进行选民登记. If you are a U.S. 在美国境内居住或有住址的公民, you can use the National Mail Voter Registration Application Form to complete the following: register to vote in your state; report a change of name to your voter registration office; report a change of address to your registration office; or register with a political party.

Voting-by-Mail (formerly Absentee Voting)

If you are a U.S. 已登记投票但不能参加即将举行的选举的公民, 您可以使用此服务请求将缺席选票发送给您. Requirements vary from state to state.

Student Diversity
Faculty and Staff
Transfer of Credit Policies


Articulation Agreements
Computer Use and File Sharing
Financial Aid
Student Performance & Outcomes

The Department of Institutional Effectiveness maintains information regarding the student performance and outcomes in its Fact Books and Program Review page on the web. Specific performance indicators include:

  • Retention Rate
  • 毕业率(学生知情权法案)
  • 转出率(学生知情权法)
  • 安置职业课程毕业生
  • Articulation to Florida Universities
Teacher Preparation Program Report


Health and Safety
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program:
    • Educational efforts for the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse are directed toward all members of the academic community.
    • 校园安全政策,犯罪统计,犯罪记录:参考 Student Handbook.
  • Weather Emergency Closing Procedure
    • 紧急学院关闭信息可以在学生手册中找到.
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Campus Safety
    • 校园内的紧急电话亭地址见学生手册.
    • 学生手册第七章详细讨论了校园安全程序.
    • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) – The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) requires Florida Gateway College to provide Safety Data Sheets (SDS) formerly known as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). 欧博官网app下载校园里有一份产品清单. This master list is updated periodically with the most recent version of the associated chemicals available. 一个SDS的完整信息以及他们在各个校园的位置, 请与设施部的学院设施主任联系 386-754-4325.

In compliance with Florida Statute 119.071(5), Florida Gateway College issues this notification regarding the purpose of the collection and use of your Social Security number. FGC collects your Social Security number for use in performance of the college’s duties and responsibilities. 为了保护您的身份,FGC将确保您的社会安全号码不会被未经授权的人欧博官网app下载. FGC绝不会将您的社会安全号码泄露给未授权方, FGC的每位学生和员工都将获得一个唯一的识别号码. The unique identification numbers are assigned to students and employees to help to protect identities. Your unique student identification number is used for all educational purposes at Florida Gateway College including registration, access of your online record, etc. Federal legislation relating to the Hope Tax Credit requires that all postsecondary institutions report the Social Security number of all post-secondary students to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This IRS requirement makes it necessary for colleges to collect the Social Security number of every student. 学生可以拒绝向学院透露其社会安全号码, 但拒绝遵守联邦规定可能会被国税局处以罚款. 除了联邦报告要求之外, 佛罗里达州的公立学校系统使用社会安全号码作为学生的标识符. 这种用法在佛罗里达州第229号法令中得到了授权.559 and in School Code Section 1008.386. In a seamless K-20 educational system, it is beneficial for postsecondary institutions to have access to the same information for purposes of tracking and assisting students in the transition from one educational level to the next. All Social Security numbers are protected by federal regulations and are never released to unauthorized parties. For additional detailed information on the college’s collection and use of social security numbers please click here.